Our Philosophy Aquatic Bodywork Hydrotherapy – Become Like Water

Water is supple, nurturing and yielding.


Every-‘body’ is unique and requires a different treatment plan on any specific day – different intensities, different limits, a different pace.

This means that the therapist exercises flexibility in applying therapy principles, tailoring the session to meet the patient’s needs on the day.

The water meets the patient exactly where the patient needs to be met, resisting just enough and supporting just enough so that progress is made safely.

Water is supportive, liberating, and revitalising.


Buoyancy frees the body of the restrictions of gravity; hydrostatic pressure improves circulation, reducing swelling, water retention, pain and inflammation; the mind goes into ‘I can!’ mode, restoring faith in ourselves.

Water is gentle, powerful, and transparent.


Trust, transparency and respect are essential aspects of the work, where patient and therapist work together with the water to achieve goals.

Its power to facilitate in healing has been recognised and documented since ancient times. A one patient put it:

 “Being in water makes the rest of the world go away. It’s like being in God’s thoughts.”